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Thromboflow 60 capsules

Thromboflow 60 capsules

The Thromboflow® Dr. Wolz's water-soluble tomato concentrate WSTC I or II promotes normal platelet aggregation and contributes to healthy blood flow.

Thromboflow® Dr. Wolz contains a specific complex (WSTC) that contains more than 30 compounds of secondary plant substances from tomatoes, which are obtained in a patented, gentle extraction process. This complex is to be distinguished from lycopene, the red tomato pigment, which has completely different properties.


The active ingredient in Thromboflow® Dr. Wolz keeps the platelets in normal condition so that they can circulate well through the blood vessels. * This may reduce the possibility of platelets clumping together.

Thromboflow® Dr. Wolz is a preparation based on an active complex of secondary plant substances, which directly addresses the cause and thus contributes to healthy blood flow. *

One stick (5 g) or one capsule (150 mg) is enough for one day. The effect starts about 1–1.5 hours after ingestion. With daily intake of Thromboflow® it assists to maintain the suppleness of the blood platelets for 24 hours.

Active ingredients

Thromboflow® Dr. Wolz contains a highly specialized standardized extract from tomatoes (WSTC). The capsule also contains resveratrol .


Recommended intake -stick;

Put the micro-pellets either straight from the stick, or with a spoon, in your mouth and then rinse down with a drink. It is best to take it in the morning or, if you are traveling by plane, about 1 hour before departure. Each stick contains 5 g Thromboflow® Dr. Wolz and is enough for a day. The effect sets in approx. 1–1.5 hours after ingestion and lasts for aprox. 18 hours if taken once.

The positive effect is achieved if a stick (with 3 g WSTC I) is taken with a drink (e.g. fruit juice) per day.


Recommended dosage capsule

When using the capsules, take one capsule whole a day with a drink. The cellulose capsules can also be opened by pulling them apart and the contents can be consumed with food. Each capsule contains 150 mg Thromboflow® and 7.0 mg resveratrol in powder form. The positive effect is achieved if one capsule (with 150 mg WSTC II) is taken per day with a drink (e.g. fruit juice).

Tip: A varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important for health.

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