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Reishi Mushroom Fruit Bodies extract

Reishi Mushroom Fruit Bodies extract


 Sometimes called the “Herb of Immortality”

If there was a top ten of the most famous herbs of all time Reishi would be at number one. Reishi has the longest written history of any of the medicinal mushrooms, but also one of the longest documented uses of any herb, with over 2000 years of recorded use. This mushroom has literally been worth its weight in gold in the past.

The Ganoderma lucidum strain CGMCC5.0026 has had both its genome and its mitochondrial genome mapped such is its commercial and pharmaceutical significance. Scientists want to know how this mushroom makes all these interesting chemicals! There are over 270 patents on Ganoderma products and processes, and the world-wide market is now worth hundreds of millions of US dollars based on the production of hundreds of thousands of tonnes. Traditionally, Reishi was used to replenish chi/Qi, the life-force, and to promote long life and energy levels. The ultimate tonic herb, used to treat all manner of serious and degenerative disorders. Chinese legend says that if you take Reishi every day, you will live for ever! Research has shown that the effects of Reishi are due to two main classes of compounds, the betaglucans with their well-known immune system modulating activity, and the triterpenes, which have also been shown to have a wide range of positive effects such as an anti-inflammatory and antiallergy effects. In summary, Reishi is a great every day boost for the immune system but can also been called upon in serious situations. Reishi is a bracket fungus in the wild, growing from tree trunks and getting its nutrients from the tree. Our Reishi is grown on wood logs in order to replicate the natural habitat.

  • Extraction

    Hot water extract in vegetable glycerine.

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