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Phytochemicals 270
  • Phytochemicals 270

    120 Capsules = 46g

    A Meaningful Combination of Different Secondary Plant Substances.

    Food Supplement




    Capsule shell ( hydroxypropylmethylcellulose,  colouring carrot concentrate); Mixed vegetable extracts ( Lemon Balm Extract, purple sweet potato extract, artichoke extract, pomegranate extract, black carrot extract, blueberry extract, grapefruit juice, broccoli extract, green cabbage juice, garlic extract, onion extract, apple juice, apricot extract, strawberry juice, cherry juice, orange juice, papaya extract, pineapple juice, asparagus extract, black johannisberry juice, cucumber juice) 16%; Quercitin; acerola juice powder 15%; Grape peel extract Containing reservatrol 12%; Grape seed extract 12%; Citrus Flavonoids.

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