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Petogen vital 250ml

Petogen vital 250ml

  • Liquid supplement for cats and dogs
  • Promotes a shiny coat
  • Increases the vitality
  • Increases resistance


Petogen vital is developed according to the latest research, in a special gentle procedure according to Dr Wolz, the young enyme yeast cells are bred with oxygen added . Since the enzyme yeast cells are not heated, all ingredients - such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements - are well available in biological, natural form, thereby increasing resistance. ; enzymes are proteins that control all lifetimes. The wolf - as as ancestor of our dogs - instinctively preferred to eat the enzymous gastric and intestinal content of the prey animals, thereby introducing vitamins, trace elemts and biovital substances in a natural composition. Petogen vital is a supplier of the metabolic vitamins of the B group, vitamin E and biotin.



Crude protein 9.8%, crude fat 2.7%, crude fibre 0.6%, crude ash 1.4%, water 54.0%, sodium 0.03% additives/kg: vitamin E as vitamin E - preparation 3,000mg, vitamin B2 as a pure riboflavin substance, 69mg vitamin B6 as a pure pyridoxol hydrochloride substance, 24mg vitamin B12 as a vitamin B12 preparation, 198ug pantothenic acid as a pure calcium d-pantothenate substance, 78mg biotin as a biotin preparation 8mg.

Petogen vital contains alcohol 8.5% vol natural fermentation alcohol.

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