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Mobia Raw Irish Honey

Mobia Raw Irish Honey

Mobia Raw Irish Honey is sourced from bee hives located all over the midlands of Ireland. Our honey is 100% pure raw unblended. Our honey is never heated above the temperature of the hive during the jarring process so it holds all the nutrients and pollen. This batch of honey is our spring honey and is forged from a mix of Sycamore, horse chestnut, dandelion and hawthorn trees which give of a lovely golden colour and sweet nutty tatse. 


Benefits of raw honey:


- Kills unwanted bacteria and fungus, raw honey contains hydrogen peroxide an anthiseptic. 


- Soothes sore throats and supresses a cough 


- Reduces inflammation 


- Boosts Immune system 


- Contains powerful antioxidents 


- Helps ward off allergies and sinus problems

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