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Mobia Raw Heather Honey 240g

Mobia Raw Heather Honey 240g

This produces artisan, raw honey of a far superior quality and distinctive flavour which keeps the honeys natural benefits. It is never heated to temperatures above that which naturally exist in the hive. In wine terms, Irish Heather Honey is the Champagne of Honeys due to its taste and the geographical location of the hives, the heather terrain and the climate. It is gathered from the most beautiful unpolluted parts of the country. Irish Heather honey is dark and semi-set to the eye.  It has a highly intense, distinctive, warm, woody and floral aroma reminiscent of the mountains . There is an assertive, full-bodied, indulgent, smoky palate of toffee with underlying notes of plum and coffee. The finish is endlessly deep, malty and floral with a tanginess that lingers.

Benefits of Raw Honey

  •  Kills unwanted bacteria and fungus, raw honey contains hydrogen peroxide which is an antiseptic
  •  Soothes sore throats and suppresses a cough
  •  Reduces inflammation
  • Immune system booster 
  • Contains powerful antioxidants
  • Helps ward off allergies and sinus problems


Recent studies on Heather Honey

Irish heather honey is made by bees that collect nectar from heather that blooms in August on the Mountain . Like all honeys, heather honey has anti-bacterial properties which makes it a good natural remedy for wounds and cuts.

In this study, the antimicrobial activities of the honey samples were assessed against 10 bacteria recovered from wounds of horses. These bacteria included methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, two pathogenic microbes that have been linked to several difficult-to-treat infections in humans.


The health benefits of heather honey are comparable to those of Manuka honey, a new study claims. Manuka honey - which can cost around £40 for a small jar - has been lauded in recent years for its medicinal nature: it has high antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory properties….. article taken from a study conducted by UCD, summer of 2018. 

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