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Mobia Raw Black Oak Honey 240g

Mobia Raw Black Oak Honey 240g

Bulgaria produces some of the best honey in the world because of its bee friendly topical climate and unspoilled terrain. The majority of our honey is sourced from North Eastern Bulgaria whhich is barely populated with pristine air and a diverse range of flora. This region of Bulgaria has been producing honey since the Soviest times.


Black Oak is forged from the sap of oak trees and acorns and not forged from flowers. It is rich in minerals and has high antibacterial and antiseptic properties.



*Very good for digestive system.

*Contains high levels of:






*sooths and heals wounds. 


All our honeys are raw which is best described as honey as it exists in the beehive. It is extracted from the beehive strained and poured straight into the bottle, bypassing commercial processing methods which destroys all the nutritional properties of honey.

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