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Magduo Bisglycinate & Citrate

Magduo Bisglycinate & Citrate

Your all-in-one magnesium solution!


MAGduo combines our 100% pure magnesium bisglycinate with magnesium citrate in one easy-to-take-capsule. Enjoy a good night's sleep and stress relief from magnesium bisglycinate while getting digestion support and constipation relief from magnesium citrate. Why choose when you can have both?


100% free from fillers, binders, manufacturing agents and magnesium oxide.


Formulated to help promote;

- Constipation relief

- Restorative sleep

- Stress relief

- Muscle relaxation 

- Bone health

- Heart health 

- And more!



- Magnesium bisglycinate

- Magnesium citrate 

- Pullulan vegan capsule shell


  • Nutritional Information

    Europe/North America Recommendation

    Product Information

     Serving size: 3 capsules

    Amount per 3 capsules                                                            %NRV*

    375mg                                                                                               100%

    Elemental magnesium  ( from 350mg of

    magnesium bisglycinate and 300mg of             

    magnesium citrate).


    Irish recommendation

    Product information

    Serving size 2 capsules

    Amount per 2 capsules                                                              %RI*

    250mg                                                                                              100%

    Elemental magnesium (from 350mg of

    magnesium bisglycinate and 300mg of

    magnesium citrate).

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