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Scientific research has demonstrated the power of inhaled essential oils to boost concentration, reduces errors, improve memory and improve mood, reducing stress levels, boosting energy levels and improving confidence.



Euventol contains natural pepperment oil. Scientiic research on behalf of NASA has proven that peppermint oil has the following benefits;

Improved performance during exercise

Decreased fatigue

Increased speed over 400m run

Decreased pain perception


General Alertness

Research has shown that the oils in euventol have the following properties;

Eucalytus oil clears the nasal passages, improving oxygen intake

Peppermint oil has been shown to improve clerical work performance

Imrpoves motivation

Imrpoves alertness

Rosemary oil improves short-term memory, ideal for exam time


Background: Research shows that the oils in Euventol can increase confidence in the ability to succeed, creating a virtous circle.


Euventol truly is 'The smell of success'


Additional Information;

Weight 0.05kg



Motivation oil improves MEMORY - CONCENTRATION - ACCURACY


As used by students in universities the refreshing, uplifting fragrance clears the head and helps maintain focus on the task in hand to make study sessions more fruitful. Improves and sustains enhanced athletic performance by improving energy and concentration levels.


How to use;

For inhalation only via oil burner, hot bowl diffusers etc


Other uses;

Add a few drops to hankerchief or tissue and inhale. Inhale directly from the bottle being careful not to bring liquid in contact with skin. Add a few drops to hoover bag to give your floors and carpets the fresh invigorating scent of Euventol to your rooms when you hoover.


Safety Warning;

Avoid if pregnant or epileptic. Do not use on skin, keep out of reach of children, do not consume. Discontinue use and seek medical help of adverse side effects are experienced.



Peppermint oil - Eucalyplus oil - Rosemary oil


Pack size;

10ml bottle

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