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Darmflora Plus Select 80 caps
  • Darmflora Plus Select 80 caps

    Darmflora plus select contains 8 carefully selected probiotics in a concentration of 48 billon per daily dose, as well as B vitamins, which contribute to a healthy intestinal mucosa. The probiotics in the instine, also called intestinal bacteria, are protected against stomach and bile acids.

    Darmflora plus select is a preparation especially developed to sustain a healthy intestinal mucosa.The selected probiotics occur naturally, in the different parts of the intestine. They support the physiological intestinal flora in its functions. The contained B vitamins in Darmflora plus select promote a healthy intestinal mucosa and support the immune system. Vitamin B2 and biotin contribute to the preservation of the normal mucous membrance. Further, Vitamin B6, B12 and folic acid also promote a healthy immune system. The capsules can be taken during and after antibiotic therapy. 

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