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Darm Activ 400g

Darm Activ 400g

Unlike conventional laxatives, Darm activ Dr. Wolz works naturally at a microbiological level to activate intestinal flora and so gently resolve constipation. There is no intestinal swelling or habituation.


Conventional laxatives include: Bulking agents such as psyllium which swell when fluid is ingested.

Osmotic agents such as laxative salt compounds or sorbitol which draw water into the intestines and keep it there. Stimulative laxatives such as bisacodyl which actively encourage the body to secrete electrolytes and water, and / or prokinetic products such as neostigmine that boost intestinal movement.


Darm activ Dr. Wolz works differently: Inulin, the prebiotic fibre in Darm activ Dr. Wolz is not digested in the small intestine but passes into the large intestine where it is used by intestinal bacteria as a natural nutrient. The lactulose in the product is obtained from milk and should not be confused with lactose. It supports the intestinal bacteria in the intestinal flora that form lactic acid, and helps resolve constipation.


The probiotic supply of the Bifidus cultures in Darm activ Dr. Wolz naturally stimulates the microbiological activity of the intestinal flora, allowing the large intestine to empty more quickly and easily. Increased intestinal flora activity resolves constipation. Recommended intake: Darm activ Dr. Wolz is a soluble, non-swelling fibre product that can be stirred into cold drinks (such as a glass of still water) or soft, cold food. Darm activ Dr. Wolz works on a microbiological level, and so intake should be increased slowly.


Start with the contents of one measuring spoon (about 6 g) and increase the daily amount gradually, for example by one spoonful more each week, until you feel the optimum effect. The recommended daily intake is three flat measuring spoons (= 19 g). Stir this in 200 ml of liquid of your choice or 200 g of soft food until the powder has dissolved. Increasing the amount you consume can cause bloating as the large intestine has not yet adjusted to Darm activ Dr. Wolz. With lactic acid bacteria, inulin and lactulose.




Inulin, Lactulose, Lactic acid bacteria.

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