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Cardio Care 60 capsules

Cardio Care 60 capsules

Cardio care Dr. Wolz promotes blood vessel elasticity with highly dosed cocoa flavanols, thus contributing to healthy circulation of blood.

Only if blood vessels are not rigid, but flexible, can they dilate and ensure that sufficient nutrients and oxygen also penetrate to the tiniest branchings of our vascular system (capillaries) to supply the cells there. Cocoa flavanols act directly on the endothelium, i.e. the inner cell wall of blood vessels which is responsible for their elasticity.*


Healthy flow of blood is important for distributing oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Because this is the only means by which all organs, most critically our heart and brain, but also our arms and legs can be ideally supplied. Elastic blood vessels are a prerequisite for easy blood flow through veins and maintenance of a constant blood pressure.

***The famous German doctor Rudolf Virchow put it in a nutshell: "You are as old as your blood vessels".

If our body's cells do not have a reliable supply of blood, they begin to age. This aging process is accentuated by numerous substances such as cholesterol, calcifications etc. which accelerate the hardening of our blood vessels. The endothelium is responsible for blood vessel elasticity. It is the layer of cells lining our veins from the inside. It regulates how substances are exchanged between blood and tissue. One of these substances is nitrogen monoxide (NO) which enables veins to dilate. If the endothelium ceases to produce enough NO, blood vessels are not able to dilate and the circulation of blood is impaired. Vein elasticity is so important for blood to be able to flow well in these tiniest branchings of the vascular system, the narrow capillaries.


* It has been known for a long time that bitter chocolate is very healthy due to its flavanol content. Studies show that frequent consumption of products containing cocoa can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. But the drawback is the high calorific value of around 500 kcal per 100g chocolate. This effectively cancels out the benefits of the cocoa. What is more, the valuable flavanols are removed from the cocoa powder by the technological processing of cocoa (fermentation, drying and roasting). So the content varies strongly from chocolate to chocolate. Furthermore, the effect of the flavanols can be affected by eating other food (e.g. milk) at the same time. Unlike drinks containing cocoa or chocolate, 80% of the valuable flavanols in Cardio care Dr. Wolz is retained and not lost in the course of fermentation, drying and roasting. In addition, the calorific load is minimal with Cardio care Dr. Wolz in comparison to food containing cocoa The alternative would be to eat up to one block of chocolate a day - with all its fat, sugar and calories.


Active substances

Cocoa flavanols+ 100%. Capsule shell: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose. +with standardised content of cocoa flavanols

* The cocoa flavanols in Cardio Care Dr. Wolz helps boost blood vessel elasticity, which contributes towards normal blood flow.



To gain the beneficial effect, take 2 capsules (with 200 mg cocoa flavanols) each day with a drink.

The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Keep out of the reach of small children. Food supplements cannot substitute a balanced diet and a healthy kind of living.

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