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Candisan 90 capsules

Candisan 90 capsules

Candisan is a powerful synergetic formula consisting of caprylic acid in various forms, highly concentrated plant extracts (odourless garlic, grapefruit seed, pregano extract, suma root, chinacea, pau d'arco, walnut) and selenium.


Ingredients: Caprylic acid from calcium, caprylic acid from magnesium, garlic odourless, oregano extract, grapefruit seed extract, suma root, pau d'arco-lapacho inner bark extract, echinacea root, caprylic acid from zinc, black walnut hulls extract, l-selenomethionine yeast-free, vegetable magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide, vegetablee capsule.


Warnings: Not recommended during pregnancy and lactation.

Consult a professional before taking this product if it is being treated with medication, especially anticoagulants or has special medical conditions.

Recommended dose: As a dietary supplement it is suggested to take 2 capsules three times a day or follow the instructions of a specialist.

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