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Acerola vitamin C + citrus flavonoids

Acerola vitamin C + citrus flavonoids are useful in times of increased vitamin C requirements, especially in cold, wet weather, tiredness, stress and general physical strain. Vitamin C contributes to a healthy immune system 1 and the nervous system 4 , supports the protection of cells from oxidative damage 2 , contributes to normal energy metabolism 5 and reduces tiredness and fatigue 3 .


Vitamin C - the all-rounder!

Our physical well-being and our performance are influenced by a wide variety of factors. In addition to sufficient exercise, this also includes a healthy diet. Vitamin C must also be taken in daily with food because the body does not store it as a water-soluble vitamin. In certain situations, an additional intake can be useful, for example in phases of cold and wet weather, with strong physical and psychological stress or with one-sided nutrition. Vitamin C is not only the best known of the vitamins, it is also a real all-rounder, it fulfills a wide variety of tasks in the body. In acerola vitamin C + citrus flavonoids, it is supported by other natural ingredients such as the citrus flavonoids.

What are citrus flavonoids?

Flavonoids from citrus fruits belong to the so-called secondary plant substances. These are bioactive substances that plants produce to protect themselves against environmental influences. The flavonoids, sometimes also referred to as "vitamin P", are a mixture of different citrus flavonoids, which are supplemented by other secondary plant substances such as the natural colorants of rose hips and blueberries (anthocyanins). The biological activity of the natural vitamin C from the acerola cherry is supported in a meaningful way. Because of the importance of vitamin C and secondary plant substances in human nutrition, the German Nutrition Society (DGE) recommends consuming five fist-sized units of fruit and vegetables a day.
If you cannot follow this recommendation every day or would like an extra portion, we recommend our acerola vitamin C + citrus flavonoids of natural origin.

Active ingredients

Fruit concentrates of: acerola cherry, rose hip, blueberry, orange, citrus fruits.
2 measuring spoons (2 g) contain: vitamin C 240 mg, citrus flavonoids 116 mg. Acerola vitamin C + citrus flavonoids is vegan.

Consumption recommendation

The daily amount is a maximum of 2 measuring spoons (2 g). The powder can be stirred into a yogurt or muesli or with a cold drink of your choice, e.g. B. a fruit juice can be consumed.

Tip: A varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important for health.

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